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Bonded & Insured



James Johnson at your service.I have been a builder and doing roof repair for 18 years.I'm quick,efficient,and affordable.Houses,garages,or sheds is my specialty.If you're in need of some roof repair whether a small job,or perhaps a large job.Feel free to contact me.I give free estimates and would be glad to stop by,take a look and give you a price.


There has been very little,to no ice damage this year so things have been slow for us.So we're readily available,so please feel free to call.


I tend to stay away from large barns and 4 story plus buildings.So please keep that in mind when contacting me.


                                                                            Bonded & Insured


                                          Barnum Roof Repair   218-316-2000


                                     3814 County Road 6    Barnum Mn 55707




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